Your business becomes a more valuable and desirable asset when visualized and verbalized through impactful, culturally-relevant ways.

This may involve the launch of a new project, the development of a new product, or the branding of a company.

Whatever the objective, Mash uses deep market insights and creativity grounded in strategy. Through this process, we develop assets that get a business into good shape.

Branding Strategy and Design

We define the core values, business issues, target audience and direction in which your brand should be going. Then we create brand assets, such as brand name, logo assets, tagline and a manifesto. These form the backbone, or the DNA, of your brand.

Product / Service Design

Your product or service should reflect your core values and connect with your audience. We support the entire development process using a strategic, creative approach. This includes product design, interface design, packaging and retail tools, to name just a few.

Advanced HMI

HMI is becoming an integral part of how audiences engage with brands, and is playing an increasingly key role in establishing how people interact with, and perceive, your brand. We can deliver creative and effective HMI through the expertise of our track-proven MASHers.

Brand Assets and Owned Media Localization

To be successful in Japan, your website, apps, and owned media, including native brand activation campaigns that connect with local users, require localization. We create these in line with your brand guidelines, and optimize them for the domestic market.

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