Building a creative foundation and networking are the first steps needed to generate innovation.

We facilitate access to an extensive national and global network, laying the foundations needed to start a business, and begin collaborating with the right business partners.

Mash approaches this process from a creative perspective, to provide holistic support for the early stages of business growth.

Market Insights

Having local insights, understanding trends and regulations in culture and in your field, are key to making the right decisions. We offer up-to-sate, local and global information and strategic advice.

Team Building

Building a great team internally or externally, and hiring a powerful manager, is crucial to growing your business. We can help you to build the most effective team in Japan or abroad, with our partner HR agencies.

Open Innovation

Your strategy may include incubators & accelerators, VCs, CVCs, R&D, joint venture, or IPO.  We tap into our private, public and non-profit sector innovation partners to give strategic advice.

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